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Pyrenean Mastiff Dog Breed Information

The Pyrenean Mastiff dog is a relative to the Spanish Mastiff, and to the Pyrenean [...]

Puppy Training for Kids

The coolest thing in teaching PUPPY TRAINING TO KIDS, is they quickly learn there’s nothing more [...]

Developmental Stage of Puppy

Teenage puppy stage: The dog’s character begins to form at this stage. The owner must impose [...]

Puppy Dog Training Book & Manual

Focusing on the key areas; socialization, prevention, games, junior obedience, and house training, the Toolkit’s contents are [...]

Poodle Dog Breed Information

A friendly and sociable dog. Always happy and is willing. Height, weight: they come in three [...]

Poodle Haircut Dog Grooming Hair Cut

Instructions on grooming a Poodle: Use the electric trimmer (number 10) to cut the superior part [...]

Pointer Dog Breed Information

The Pointer Dog is the “show dog” for its excellency. It’s an English dog and [...]

Playing Dog

Once the development and the way the puppy communicates are known, it is important to [...]

Older Dog Health Care

Recently our new neighbors brought home their new but older dog. They had waited a [...]

Old Dog Care

After all the care that we have given the dog, it will sooner or later [...]