Poodle Dog Breed Information

A friendly and sociable dog. Always happy and is willing.

Height, weight: they come in three sizes. Big poodle: from 45 to 58 cm high; weighs up to 22 kg. Small poodle: from 35 to 45 cm high; weighs approx. 15 kg. A tiny poodle; from 28 to 35 cm high; weighs approx. 4 kg. Square shaped body and a melodic structure.

Fur, color: thick, curly and rigid. Colors: black, white, gray, light-brown, unique silver color and apricot.
Appropriate for: lonely people, or people with a lot of children, who live in the city and need a happy, intelligent dog.

Not Appropriate for: arrogant, impatient or nervous people.

As a member of the family: not really interested in other dogs; it concentrates all its attention on its family. Good watch dog; besides the big poodle is very efficient. It does not loose its hair.

Breed’s character: very affectionate, sociable and intelligent, easy to train.

Common sicknesses: for the most part, in a tiny poodle: nervously licking its paws, making it hair fall off, tonsillitis, kidney stones, hernia, epileptically attacks; especially when it is young. And problems in the kneecap.

Life expectancy: 12 years or more.

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