Poodle Haircut Dog Grooming Hair Cut

Instructions on grooming a Poodle: Use the electric trimmer (number 10) to cut the superior part of the nose towards the direction of the hair from the from the front to the inner angle of the eyes, then continue with the inferior eyebrow and trim the muzzle and lip area. Cut the hair around the chin against the hair. Starting from the margin of the ear, go down sideways towards the throat, and go on to the next ear by forming a v. Cut the hair of the abdomen (number 10) and the crotch area. Use (number 7/8) to cut the lower parts of the paw. You can use the blade that you want depending on how long or short you want it. Then shave the hair on the body starting from behind the ears to the bottom of the tail. Make sure to keep the hair ofthe legs long until the middle of the shoulder blade and on the superior part of the thighs. Cut the nails and pluck the inner hairs in the ears. Then, work on getting rid of all the knots on the hair that is still long. Bathe the dog and try by lightly pulling on the hair with a hair dryer (on low). Brush the whole dog’s coat and go over again with the electric trimmer at the same length.

Cut the pompon of the tail with the curved scissors making sure to get rid of the hair from underneath the tail and around the anus. Next, define the diameter of the “pants” marking the contour of the behind leg to the thigh. The bottom must be short and the “pants” must follow the natural curve of the paw. Then use the straight scissors to sculpture the front legs and cut by following a straight line. Brush all the hair from the skull forward and clear the front part of the eyes by following the natural arch of the skull using the curved scissors. Then lift the ears up against the skull and cut the sides vertically. Even out the top part of the head as if forming a helmet and brush it.

Material to use: Electric trimmer, blades (number 10, 7/8, or 4, 5), teasel, comb, straight scissors, curved scissors, nail clippers.

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