Pointer Dog Breed Information

The Pointer Dog is the “show dog” for its excellency. It’s an English dog and is originally Spanish.

Height, weight: from 61 to 70 cm high. Weighs around 25 kg, or more.

Fur, color: short, straight and shiny. The top colors are: lime and white; orange and white; brown and white and black and white. They can also be single colors or tricolors, with the basic colors , mentioned earlier.

Appropriate for: people who love sports.

Not Appropriate for: owners with little time and those who live in cold places.

As a member of the family: excellent family dog, pleasant and easy-going character. It’ll be like this with everyone, including visitors. Needs regular exercise, but is very calm inside the house.

Breed’s character: active, defiant and very fast. Its muscular body shows it is an athletic dog.

Common sicknesses: deafness, and in some cases, hip disorders.

Life expectancy: up to 12 years.

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