Puppy Dog Training Book & Manual

Focusing on the key areas; socialization, prevention, games, junior obedience, and house training, the Toolkit’s contents are divided into six easy-to-use booklets, each filled with simple instructions and photographic examples that are fun for the whole family. A handy Pocket Pal provides a portable version of the instructional books and ties directly into the rest of the lessons and games. The Toolkit also includes a developmental poster that allows you to track your puppy’s developmental growth and progress, from birth to maturity.

I brought the Toolkit home a few weeks before getting the puppy, and the short, colorful booklets were fun and easy to follow. I can’t imagine ever raising a puppy again without the Ultimate Puppy Toolkit.”

The Ultimate Puppy Toolkit is a complete puppy socialization and teaching tool for dog pros, new puppy owners and above all, puppies. The only product of its kind, the Toolkit fills the traditional void in early puppy raising that has left owners to fend for themselves with limited results. Fun, interactive and easy to understand, Urban Puppy employs proven reward-based techniques that achieve results.

An Important Reminder…

Most problem behaviors in mature dogs develop from habits or behaviors left unchecked or learnt as a puppy. These problems are not clearly visible when your dog is a puppy. Committing the time and working with your puppy at such as an early stage may seem unnecessary initially. Starting the work now, when your pup is younger than 16 weeks old, is time well invested that will help ensure your dog’s is easy to live with and fun around other dogs and people. It’s a real leap of faith to believe that those cute, fun puppy behaviors won’t become problematic as your dog reaches maturity. We often like to use the analogy that doing the basic socialization and preventative work at this critical age is like having your puppy vaccinated. Vaccination prevents health problems. Socialization and preventative work, prevents behavioral problems. Think of this time as a golden opportunity to get the behavior you are looking for in your dog.

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