Pyrenean Mastiff Dog Breed Information

The Pyrenean Mastiff dog is a relative to the Spanish Mastiff, and to the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

Height, weight: more than 72 cm in females and more than 77 cm in males. Weight is proportional with height.

Fur, color: black and white or black and orange, always masked. Long and very dense hair.

Appropriate for: whoever seeks an impressive dog and has the room.

Not Appropriate for: whoever lives in an apartment or small house.

As a member of the family: easygoing and attached. If it weren’t for it’s size it would be happy living in a small room. It’s sheepdog ancestor make it a good farm dog.

Breed’s character: easygoing and sociable with other home animals (even dogs), doesn’t allow strange males around.

Common sicknesses: hip disorders and gastric torsion.

Life expectancy: up to 10 years.

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