Puppy Training for Kids

The coolest thing in teaching PUPPY TRAINING TO KIDS, is they quickly learn there’s nothing more exiting then to have a puppy as a friend. Dogs can be fun, friendly… and the best companions in the world. When you feel like having fun, I bet you dog will be happy to play… and when you just need a friend to be with, I’m sure your dog will love to snuggle up and give you company quietly and stay still

Puppy Training for Kids

Of course having a puppy will bring on a series of responsibility; his health and well being will depend completely on you, not only for a day or a couple of weeks, but for the rest of his life. For example, you’ll have to take him out for a walk even if it’s very cold or it’s pouring, besides every day you’ll have to feed him and play with him, even if you have a lot to do or are waiting for your friends. And, if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also have to be in charge of training him, so that he learns to live with other humans that are for sure caring personally of your puppy. I can assure you that it will be a real fun experience, full of excitement and enjoyable. Now don’t be lazy, and start training him from the beginning. You have take advantage now that he’s young and in age to learn, because he wont be a puppy for ever. In fact, the dogs grow and develop a lot faster than us humans, and almost always by the time their 7 months their as tall as a grown dog and are able to run, jump and behave as grown dogs, even if the human babies at that age are not able walk, talk or even crawl.

Puppy Training for Kids

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Parent warning:
The purpose of this site is to invite children of all ages to actively participate in the education and care of their puppy that was just become one of the members of the family. It’s extremely good for children to have good communication and contact with animals; it permits them to develop great quantity of abilities, besides the right care of puppy helps them to develop human values, such as affection and compassion. All the exercises recommended in this book are thought of for the child and puppy to have fun while playing as best friends. Which is why we suggest an adult supervise the child and their pet. So we recommend that the parents and children read this book together and that the adult supervises the training of the pet at all times. If you worry about the behavior of your dog and if you fear, especially if you fear that it can have a bad effect on your kid, don’t doubt in asking for counsel from your vet, if necessary he will put you in contact with a professional trainer or with a specialist in canine behavior.

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