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Dog Watch TV – Dogs and TVs

Dogs and TVs: There are people that believe that dogs are able to recognize other dogs they see when they [...]

Dog Vaccinations; Canine Bordetella & Parvovirus

Vaccination treatments must be done exclusively by your veterinarian by law. If you have just [...]

Dog travel kennel

If you are a person that does a lot of traveling in your own truck [...]

Dog Obedience Training house training a older dog

Whether you have just gotten yourself a new dog and want to show it off [...]

Dog intelligence ranking . Dog intelligence scale. Dog Training Test Results

Add up all the points. 54 points and up. This is an exceptional dog, and it’s fairly [...]

Dog training ideas

Here are some basic dog training ideas any good dog leader must understand: Nothing in [...]

Dog Agility Training and testing

9. Manipulate and problem solving: Place a plank or board over a couple of phonesites in such [...]

Test Dog Breed Intelligence

 Problem solving: Take a small blanket or a towel and let the dog – which should [...]

Dog Training Book. Manual of Games for Dogs. Playing with Puppies.

This is no Dog Training Book, but it’s a Dog Training site teaching you thatPlaying [...]

Dog Training & No Barking Store

Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar