Dog intelligence ranking . Dog intelligence scale. Dog Training Test Results

Add up all the points.

54 points and up. This is an exceptional dog, and it’s fairly unusual to find a dog with this level of intelligence. According to research, only 5 percent of dogs reach this level of intelligence and only among the smarted breeds.

From 48 to 53 points. High level of intelligence, superior in many ways.

From 42 to 47 points. Middle-high intelligence level. They are able toperform most tasks required by dogsFrom 30 to 41 points. Medium intelligence level. They will show skill in some tasks more than others.

From 24 to 29 points. Low level of intelligence. Sometimes they have their moments of genius, but they will often have a hard time understand what we want them to do. They will learn the minimum of basic orders (sit, come when called, and a few more). Their use will depend on their instinctive intelligence, better said, the ability to develop by the genetic inheritance of their breed.

From 18 to 23 points. Normal limit. Works fine in an organized and not too active environment, and if not faced with new situations.

Less than 18 points. Deficient. Living with this animal can have some problems.

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