Dog training ideas

Here are some basic dog training ideas any good dog leader must understand:

  • Nothing in life is free. Be sure to give your dog small jobs. Like to Sit for dinner, Lie Down before doors are opened for him, etc…
  • Humans always go up or down the stairs first and through doors. This will help prevent unnecessary accidents or your dog running off through the open door. Train your dog to Sit and Stay until released.
  • Teaching Down/Stay sessions for five to twenty minutes at a time teaches your dog control and gives him something to do when around other people or things that would otherwise distract.
  • No dogs on beds or furniture. Even puppies must have a bed of their own. You bed is the highest most special place in the house and is for you only and off limits to them.
  • Don’t repeat a command more than once. Your dog obviously doesn’t understand what you want if he doesn’t respond on your first try.
  • If your dog is begging or pestering for attention ignore him. Leaders give attention on their own terms and not on demand.
  • When your dog is pushing toys at you ignore him. Leaders always start the games and decide what to play and when. This also keeps the dog interested, as he never knows when the games will start.
  • Follow through. If you’ve asked your dog to do something and he doesn’t respond, help him to get into the right position, but don’t just repeat your command.
  • Ignore bad behavior like jumping or barking, don’t yell. This helps your dog understand that there are consequences to his actions. Dogs love attention and to them any attention is better than none. So ignore the bad and only reinforce the good.

Since you have the control over the things your dog wants, this strong leadership will help him understand that pleasing you is the key to receiving the things he desires. This relationship will enable you to train your dog faster and more successfully. Teaching him how to be well behaved and causing him to be more readily welcomed by all.

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