Dog Agility Training and testing

9. Manipulate and problem solving: Place a plank or board over a couple of phonesites in such away that the dog can only fit their paws but not their head. Hold it firm enough so it can’t lift the plank or board. Show the dog a candy and place it under the board. Start the timer.

  • If they take it out with their paws in less than 1 minute. 5 points on the scale
  • If they take out from between 1 and 3 minutes. 4 points
  • If they try taking it out, but after 3 minutes they haven’t been able to. 3 points
  • If they don’t use their paws but only try reaching with their head. 2 points
  • If they don’t try reaching the food. 1 point

10. Language comprehension: The must be sitting in front of you. Call them using the same tone you normally use to call, but instead of using their name use a completely different word which is completely different.

  • If they respond to the call. 3 points
  • If they don’t come, use another word in the same tone. If they come this time. 2 points

If they don’t move, we call them by name adding “come” or the word we use to call them.

  • If they come. 5 points
  • If they don’t come until the second call. 4 points
  • If they don’t move. 1 point

11. Training: This is a complicated exercise. You’re going to try to teach your dog a new order. It doesn’t need to be complicated, just something simple it hasn’t done before. For example, if they are sitting beside you, have them get up and turn to sit in front of you. Or have it go around a chair helping them with a leash. Order what it is you want them to do. Since they don’t know what you want, you will guide it towards the position. Congratulate it and reward with a dog cookie. Repeat the order two more times, but now wait a couple seconds before helping them. Guide them with the leash if they don’t follow the order on their own. No repeat the order.

  • Repeat the order if it obeys, even if clumsily. 6 points
  • This is a drill you can’t move to show them what it is you want.
  • If they fail, repeat the exercise 10 times, helping them. Then try again. If they do it well. 5 points
  • If they fail again repeat the exercise 10 times. If they do it right the next time. 3 points
  • They get up and try doing something, but don’t fulfill the order. 1 point
  • If after 30 practices they still don’t do anything. 0 points

12. Problem solving: This is no doubt the hardest one on the test. Have the dog smell of piece of food and place it somewhere where they can see it but can’t reach it directly. You can use a large box with one side open and the other side just a small crack where the dog can see the food but can’t reach it. The solution is for the dog to walk around the box and enter on the other side.Make sure they can’t move the box. Or reach it with their paws. Set the dog loose and start the timer.

  • If they go around the obstacle and reach the food in less than 15 seconds. 5 points
  • If it takes them 15 to 30 seconds. 4 points
  • Between 30 and 60 seconds. 3 points
  • Between 1 and 2 minutes. 2 points
  • If they try using their paw to reach the food and no other way. 1 point
  • If they make no effort in trying to reach the food. 0 points

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