Dog Watch TV – Dogs and TVs

Dogs and TVs: There are people that believe that dogs are able to recognize other dogs they see when they watch the television TV and when they bark. This is not true though. It is possible that the movement on the television gets the dog’s attention and causes them to follow the movements but it is very difficult for a dog to set his eyes on the television unless he gets distracted this way. Television is able to capture the dog’s attention but the dog only needs to use his sight and hearing; however the main one, his smelling sense, is not used. It may seem to us that the way a dog barks on television is real but for the dog that has been endowed with very sensitive hearing it is not difficult for him to differentiate between truth and reality. The dog will not react since barking on the television lacks something we are not able to realize. Whenever a dog barks from a distance, another dogsomewhere else always answers, even when he does not see the other dog, he answers because he is interpreting the received messages and then modulates his answer depending on what he received. Nobody has ever been able to obtain this type of answer with a recording of a barking dog.

Cats and dogsFriendship is possible and has been seen in animals that are supposedly enemies leading us to interesting situations. Everyone has heard that cats and dogs are enemies; however a female dog is capable of accepting a newborn cat into her family, and will even breast-feed the cat and take care of it as her own. The cat will believe in its mind that the dog is its mother and will not go away from her to find a mother cat. Another example of this is adult dogs that many times accept the presence of a cat as long as the cat is not aggressive with him and they can actually turn into inseparable friends.

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