Dog Birth. Control. Dog Giving Birth

The Dog Maternal Behavior:When dogs are born their nervous systems has not finished maturing, unlike other animals, dogs rely strictly on their mother after being born. They cannot see or hear when they are born, they have not finished developing. The behavior of the mother will be important for the balance of the future dog, since it will permit the development of the physical and mental properties of the dog. This is why it is important to guarantee good conditions during the mother’s gestation period so that the mother is not stressed, but happy. The maternal behavior appears before the puppy is born until the breast feeding is over. The puppy depends on the mother until 7 weeks after they are born and then finishes developing next to the owner. The puppy requires a series of stimuli coming from the mother, such as visual and physical contact. Many dogs that live alone develop important illnesses when they get to their adult stage because of the lack of attention from their owners.

It all depends on the maternal behavior and the care that the puppy receives for it to turn out well or not. The relationship between mother and puppy will give place to the relationship owner and puppy. It is important that this happens without confusion from the man’s side. Later on we will also identify the case of orphan puppies, a situation where the human’s role is not easy.

Female dogs don’t have conscience of maternity. Their emotional states depend on their hormonal activity and during gestation their reactions are mostly instinct. Nevertheless, we can’t say this about the way the mother behaves after birth. The female dog turns into a mother and assumes the mission completely, but there are exceptional cases.

The Intra-uterine Life: In this period the relationship between mother and fetus is established, even if the link is created by the mother’s organism and not by its conscience. The behavioral development of the puppy starts before it is born and depends on the mothers balance. Stress that the mother feels will pass on to the fetus through the chemical exchange that takes place in the mother’s body. We have to have in mind that the communication between the mother and the fetus takes place through the amniotic liquid in which it swims. Therefore, the person who looks after the mother must guarantee optimal gestation conditions if they want to obtain a balanced puppy.

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