Dog Feeding Puppy Schedule

Feeding puppy dogs well is essential to being successful in breeding and at beauty expositions. The bobtail, in respect of nourishment, is a delicate breed. We use dry foods because they are practical and balanced.

food and Feeding: Before we go into this matter it is important that we revise some biological as well as chemical notions. The dog’s digestion is different from ours and no one doubts that some nutrition errors are because of a bad knowledge about the theme or in the confusion about the necessities of each species of dogs.

The Dog’s Digestive System: Digestion is a set of mechanical and chemical actions under neuro-hormonal control which contribute to the degradation of foods. Through this process the molecules will be reduced to the appropriate dimensions to act or be used by the dog’s body. Through the esophagus, the foods reach the stomach, where they will be mixed with the gastric acids. Once blended, the food will have been converted into a uniform mass. Since only one partial degradation has happened, this mass is translated into the small intestine, where with the help of the pancreatic juice (this allows the degradation of fats in order to continue with the proteins), of the bile and the intestinal acids, most part of digestion will happen. Digestion ends at the colon, where enzymes from bacterial origin take care of the last sugars and protein which have not been digested. The residues of digestion also know as feces or fecal matter, accumulate in the rectum. Its concentration ends up in dropping the fecal matter, which can happen approximately 24 hours after eating.

Necessities that will have to be covered: A great number of official organisms publish regularly studies in which composition, nutritious value and possible risks of diverse foods are analyzed. Out of all these organisms, the most important one, known as the NRC, studies the necessities of all the different animal species.

Three types of necessities can be distinguished: water, energetic and nutritious, minerals and vitamins are also indispensable for the dog’s good health. Daily Diet

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