Different Breeds & Kinds of Dogs

The most faithful friends: The dog has been with man kind for thousands of years. As a mater of fact this animal was apart of the first cultural changes in history. Thanks to it, man was able to hunt in a more organized and efficient way. Later on the dog helped with the development of herding which led to stockbreeding.

Although we’re not sure when dogs and humans started interacting, historians believe it was during the creation of the first settlements. There is proof that the people in Jericho – the most civilized city of its time – had dogs around 6300 BC.The human-dog relation has not only been provenhelpful, but also full of mutual affection and respect for as long as can be seen. In the unearthed remains of volcanic ash that covered the ruins of Pompeii in the year 79 AD, there was a dog laying down beside a child. The dog’s name was Delta, it wore on acollarwhere it said it had saved the life of its master, Severinus, three times.

Through time, the dog breeds (which at the beginning played in important role in outdoor tasks) gradually adapted itself to our lifestyle, eventually turning into the “urban domestic animal” which is how we know it; in general not performing productive tasks, but it pleases us with its company.

List of Dog Breeds

Airedale TerrierAkita-Inu
Alaskan MalamuteBasset Hound
Bouviers Des FlandresBoxer
German Shorthaired PointerBull Terrier
English BulldogPoodle
American CockerCocker Spaniel
Rough CollieDalmatian
DobermanGerman Dogo
Argentinean DogoCanary Dogo
German Wirehaired PointerEpagneul Breton
Fox TerrierAfghan Hound
Spanish GreyhoundGolden Retriever
Siberian HuskyLabrador Retriever
Lhasa ApsoBichon Maltese
Pyrenean MastiffSpanish Mastiff
Neapolitan MastiffPyrenean Mountain Dog
German ShepherdCatalan Shepherd
Briard ShepherdSpanish Water Dog
Ibiza HoundPointer
SamoyedSaint Bernard
Standard SchnauzerGiant Schnauzer
Miniature SchnauzerScottish Terrier
English SetterIrish Setter
Shar PeiShih Tzu
American Staffordshire TerrierStaffordshire Terrier
TeckelBelgian Shepherd Dog
West Highland White TerrierYorkshire Terrier
Alaskan MalamuteSiberian Husky
Basset houndLabrador Retriever
Bull TerrierLeonberger
BoxerGerman Shepherd
BobtailBelgian Shepherd
English BulldogPekingese
King Charles SpanielSaint Bernard
DobermanYorkshire Terrier
NewfoundlandGolden Retriever
Spanish HoundAfghan Hound
American Staffordshire TerrierShar Pei
Cocker SpanielIrish Setter
Chow ChowSchnauzer
ChihuahuaWest Highland White Terrier
Deutsche DoggeDachshund
Fox Terrier 

The dog is kind of a domestic animal which has the most acceptance and popularity in our civilization, which is reflected in the constant demand and growth of all breeds in most households. Thanks to the involvement of man today there are more then four hundred recognized breeds, not to mention the innumerable crossbreeds that are somewhat accepted. The dog is an excellent companion, a faithful friend who we share lots of our activities with. Its ability of adapting and connecting with our environment is remarkable, making it an indispensable member of the family. Our pets move freely around the house (except special cases) and enjoy privileges that other company animals don’t; they are taken on walks, to the park, outings and accompany their owners in many outdoor activities. The man-dog relation is very intense. In general it abides by certain behavior and living rules, imposed – and often broken – by humans. The owner/master takes on the responsibility of supplying its food, shelter and care, which will always be eager to help at all times.

The Afghan DogThe Basenji DogThe Basset Dog
The Brichon Frise DogThe Borzoi DogThe Briard Dog
The Boxer DogThe English BulldogThe Bullterrier Dog
The PoodleThe Chihuahua DogThe Chow Chow Dog
The Cocker Spaniel DogThe Long Bearded CollieThe Border Collie Dog
The Long Haired CollieThe Welsh Corgi DogThe Dalmatian Dog
The Doberman DogThe Argentine DogoThe Greyhound Dog
The Great Dane DogThe Brussels Griffon DogThe Keeshond Dog
The Whippet DogThe Irish Whippet DogThe Lhasa Apso Dog
The Pomeranian LuluThe German ShepherdThe Belgian Shepherd
Old English ShepherdThe Zetlander ShepherdThe Beagle Dog
The Pekinese DogThe Pyrenees DogThe Dachshund Dog
The Pointer DogThe Flat Hair RetrieverThe Labrador Retriever
The Golden RetrieverRhodesia RidgebackThe Rottweiler Dog
The Saluku DogThe Samoyed DogThe Saint Bernard Dog
The Gordon Setter DogThe English Setter DogThe Irish Setter Dog
The Shar-Pei DogThe Shih Tzu DogKing Charles Spaniel
The Terranova DogWest Highland TerrierThe Airedale Terrier Dog
The Boston Terrier DogThe Yorkshire TerrierThe Scottish Terrier Dog
The Jack Russell TerrierThe Hungarian VizslaThe Weimaraner Dog

This explains why the dog tries to comfort its owner when it sees it sad or worried, or that it will conform with staying home when the owner doesn’t feel like going out.The dog always adapts itself to its owner’s habits. Except in vary rare cases, they don’t demand any special privileges and remain very faithful to the people that surround it. Dogs have a lot to offer and they make up for all the attention they get in thousand different ways. All you need to do is pay it a little attention. They are excellent playmates, a good solution against feeling sad, indispensable helpers and friends till the end. Besides, they watch and guard the house with all they’ve got; risking themselves if need be. Ultimately, the dog has become a faithful friend which hardly ever lets us down and there are very few people who having enjoyed their company, begin a home without them. This site is to help all the amateurs to better understand their dog and to begin on their own the first steps of training. All the advice and suggestions in this site come from many years of experience; where respect and care for these animals have been ever-present. The communication between the master and its dog is very important: body language, looks, silence, and specific attitudes are very important when establishing a god relation.The only problem could arise when two people are living together where one likes dogs and the other one doesn’t, especially in big cities, but there is nothing that tolerance and good dog training can’t solve; because, whether we like it or not, dogs are a apart of our lives and social organization, they are in fact “citizen canine”. I hope this site is helpful to all dog owners which want to teach their dogs‘ basicbehaviorboth outdoors and indoors.

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