Dogs and Human Emotions

Dogs and human emotions: Do dogs feel jealousy, anger, affection toward people or have other emotions that humans have? Dogs as we know cannot talk to us, so it is impossible for us to ask them what they are feeling, but what we are able to do is read their body language. Take some time to study your dog’s body language and reactions to different things. You will probably notice how they really seem to express similar emotions to ours when they are in situations that would affect a human too. The truth is that it is unknown, but until we are able to confirm it, al least we do need to keep in mind that they most likely do feel a lot of the emotions that we as humans do.

Dog jealousy: On occasions dogs seem to get jealous whenever their owners share an intimate moment such as a kiss or a hug. It’s possible that the dog might be looking it to the chance of getting some attention. Obviously we all know how difficult it is to ignore our pooches when they climb up on us!
There are dogs that seem to not like it when their owner hugs their kids or their husbands or wives etc. and these types of reactions probably have to do with an experience the dog had with a specific type of person. Let’s say for example that a dog had a bad experience with an adult man in his earlier life, it is possible that he will not want his female owner around a man and will seem to be displeased when she is. Some dogs actually get in between the two people as if trying to separate them, obviously it could just meant that the dog is simply looking for some attention himself too.

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