Drug Sniffing Dog – Specialized Anti-Drug Training

Specialized anti-drug training: Some people are under the impression that the dogs are drugged to teach them; however, this is not the case. If this were to happen the training program would be severely penalized and looked down on. This type of work consists on training the drug sniffing dog to identify and discriminate between different odors such as narcotics and many other odors that are similar and different. The trainers prepare a small packet of marihuana wrapped in nylon with small holes so the dogs are able to smell it easily. This packet is then left on the floor so that the dog becomes used to the smell. The trainer must not touch the packet so as to not confuse the dog and the dog must not touch it either. Once the dog is able to discriminate the smell, the trainers prepare tracking exercises of other odors and places with all different types of obstacles with humans, other animals, objects, vehicles etc. Some of the people then keep drugs in their clothes so that the dogbecomes accustomed to not letting it go by. The extraordinary senses of the dog are evaluated which allows the dog to detect the presence of drugs even they are camouflaged amongst other odors such as in food, talcum powder, perfume, combined naphthalene, deodorants, gasoline etc. they transport drugs inside vehicles where there are cats to dissuade the dog from his work in order to test him. The dog is taught to never bite or grab the package of drugs, just to signal it with excitement or nervousness. Once the dog has learned well with marihuana, they teach the dog to detect cocaine. This training requires of more precaution since if it the dog were to eat some of it or swallow it, it could cause the dog to have health problems. This is why the dog is taught to never grab or touch the drugs. Before the dogs are able to become part of the anti-drug dog team they need to go through an evaluation. These dogs are not used for any other type of work; they are solely trained for this job.

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