Dog Training Book. Manual of Games for Dogs. Playing with Puppies.

This is no Dog Training Book, but it’s a Dog Training site teaching you thatPlaying with your Dog, for many people is a big waste of time; for others good entertainment. But no one considers it the main part of their lives. However, through a dog’s eyes it is seen completely different: keeping active, competing, learning and exploring the environment while playing, are basic aspects for the development of the personality of a secure dog. For the owner, playing is a way of sharing with their dog through Dog Training basics, keeping them in good shape both physically and psychologically with “thinking” and entertaining games. This site shows how you, the dog owner, can do dog training of a new and happy lifestyle through playing with it. With a special behavior test you will see what special talents your dog has, and will have important information on recommendation from the veterinarian and a diet plan for active dogs. There are complete sections on games and sports at home, yard or outdoors.Tools andDog Training Manual

Dog Training Tips Index

Play and train your dog Fast Dogs
Playing makes dogs happy Natural Balance Dog Food
What can each breed do? Dog Retrieving Training
Dog Personality Test Outdoor Dog Games
Ask a Vet Field Dog Training
Dog Care Dog Obstacle Course
Fun in Games Free Dog Training Tips
Toys for Dogs Dog Training Book
Games for Puppies Dog Games
Dog Training System Dog & Puppy Games

Dog Training Book

A whole Section focuses on sports in a club and agility competitions. This site is for everyone that wants to have a healthy and active dog, and want to share more time with their pet. This should help you enjoy playing and training your dog.

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