It is understood for agoraphobia the exaggerated fear, or phobia, to being in open spaces. [...]

Outside cat house

I live in a rural area and so you tend to see a lot more [...]

Different Kinds & Types of Cat Breeds

Abyssinian: is intelligent and fast learner. Besides, they are great swimmers and climbers, this animal is [...]

Cat Shelter Building Plans

When my cat’s shelter got damaged in the recent storm we had we decided to [...]

Cat Mating

It is easy to bred cats without pedigree, but we have to assure of having [...]

Rickets in Dog or Canine

The illness of Rickets in Dog is present in young dogs due to the lack or deficiency [...]

Hepatic Encephalopathy in Dog

Young dogs, whose development is poor and, as much as they are fed, they still look [...]

Dog Abscess & Canine Abscess

Canine Dog abscess is a symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by [...]

Canine Bronchitis in Dog. Acute or not?

The dog bronchitis in dog is the inflammation of the canine’s bronchial tubes, usually as [...]

Siberian Husky Dog Name

Siberian huskies are very sweet friendly dogs that love and need both human and canine company. [...]