Cat Mating

It is easy to bred cats without pedigree, but we have to assure of having houses for the kitties before mating the cat. If it is a cat of exterior and do not wanted that she produces, it is necessary to sterilize her as soon as possible.

To mate a cat of pedigree is indispensable to plan it well, to be sure of obtaining a litter of pedigree’s kittens that could sell. If we are not experienced, we should look for a breeder to work with him. Before continuing forward, we should ask always the owner of the cat to show us his certificates of vaccination and the analysis of the virus of the feline leukaemia; People will ask to us for the same thing both animals must be in perfect state of health. Once we are in agreement for the mating, it is necessary to observe carefully to our cat, to see if there are signs that she is going to enter heat. When the body starts rubbing against the floor and to raise the back, she is ready for mating. If we take the female takes to the breeding, before coming to this point she can confused. While the force of her hormones will dominate her sensation of penetration. Initially, it is good to put her in a small yard contiguous to the breeding, in order that the animals could observe one to another. It is not advisable to put her with the male until she has been accustomed and started lying down again in the floor and meowing.

A fast and dangerous matter
Though it seems that the female has a passive role in the mating, the initiative and the authority of the situation are entirely hers. In any moment she can turn against the male and attack him. As a part of the wedding ritual, she refuses the first advances, for what the male- specially if he has experience-He approaches to her little by little, avoiding the visual contact and he polish to calm her. When the cat is arranged, she raises the croup. In this moment, the macho grasps the collarín of his neck with his jaws to prevent of a suddenly attacking while he copulates her. This bite and the stimulation of the penis of the male provoke a few nervous signs in the pituitary gland of the brain of the female, which they make it ovulate approximately one day later. After a few assaults, the male moves back and puts to a sure distance and both cats are polishing themselves. On having felt how he retires turning the penis of the male, the female crying acutely, but soon she starts rolling on the floor again. After a short pause, the ritual repeats again.

The mating can be follow like that for three or four days. It is necessary to have the female separated from other males until she stops meowing and her heat has finished; she can be pregnant with more than one male and to have a hybrid litter, with whom all the careful planning will have been uselessly.

Q/A My Persian cat of 18 months, Atossa, has gone three times to bebred without becoming pregnant . What must I do now?

There are many factors that do that a mating is sterile. Ask her veterinarian to do a review to the cat to see if she is perfectly healthy. If everything is OK and seems that she has normal cycles of heat, do the necessary thing to visit another different breeding.

How can I find an adapted breed?
The breeder of your cat is the one that can recommend you an adapted breeding. You can put in contact also with the breeders’ most nearby association, where there will be a list of breeding. Also you can talk with breeders going to the exhibitions of cats.

Is it true that a female can be pregnant by more than one male? It seems impossible
It is perfectly possible. The cats ovulate (they detach ovules capable of being fertilized) only after forming a pair. The more the cats mate, the more chances probable that the ova are fertilized and there must be a fertilization for every kitty of the litter. So that if more than the breeding is used, the most probable thing is that the cats belong to different father.

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