Cat Shelter Building Plans

When my cat’s shelter got damaged in the recent storm we had we decided to draw up some building plans for a new cat shelter. Since we have a dog that also lives in the yard albeit his own house we can’t have our cat’s house on the ground. Though our pets normally get along it wasn’t always the case. We had some other problems with our dog and cat due to their unique natures. As you are probably aware dogs will eat cat feces, so we had to be sure to keep the cat’s litter in a place completely inaccessible to our dog. We had to not only give our cat and dog their own food/water bowls but also their own areas for meal times. We found that sometimes our cat would intentionally bother the dog and would give him a really hard time. And then our dog would begin barking at the cat and chasing it. We had to make sure that our dog didn’t use the cat shelter as a territory marker also because if he had urinated on it I don’t think that our cat would have appreciated it too much. Whenever we got something for one of our pets we had to make sure and get something for the other too. Otherwise they would get jealous and possessive. It was like having two kids only sometimes I think it was worse. Though they never really got into any extremely serious fights that we know of we still wanted to make sure that our cat had somewhere up high that he could escape to in an emergency. So we put that into the building plans. The cat shelter is almost completed and we are all looking forward to our cat’s (and dog’s) reaction when he sees it.

cat house

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