Different Kinds & Types of Cat Breeds

Abyssinian: is intelligent and fast learner. Besides, they are great swimmers and climbers, this animal is also very sensible to its owners mood or state of being cats consider playing with its owner on a daily basis, tending to become close to or attached to a specific member of the family.

  • Balinese: they are intelligent, imaginative and, sometimes impudent. They require much caring they are the most gymnastic among all the cat breeds and are in need of great activity.
  • Burmese: this breed is very fond of human beings and is always looking to receive much attention. Its an intelligent cat, affectionate, sociable and good hunter. It is also sensitive to cold weathers.
  • Chinchilla: they are indolent, playful, faithful, temperamental and stable.: it’s the kind of animal for persons that understand and know of cats they need much dedication.
  • Chartreuse: they are loving and peaceful, and they are not demanding or stubborn.
  • Maine coon: this breed is known for being good natured, they have great intelligence, good disposition and beauty.
  • Norwegian forest cat: active, enterpriser and freedom lover, he is kind with children, sociable and likes to be on the exterior no matter the kind of weather. This cat is not appropriate for small houses or apartments.
  • Persian: they are known for being the most peaceful breed among all. Its need for activity is reduced, specially, when getting older he doesn’t have a very accented instinct for hunting.
  • Devon rex: they are very sweet, noble, independent, playful, sensible, and affectionate animals. They are very much appreciated by followers who are allergic to cat hair.
  • Siamese: very intelligent cats that can get quickly accustomed to their owners habits.
  • Somali: peaceful, sociable, noble and sweet cats, he is adequate for hoses with balconies.
  • Turk angora: they are extraordinary pets, they are considered to be the most intelligent of all breeds in the world and they are very devoted to their owners.
  • Scottish fold: this cat is somewhat demanding because it requires a clean environment, adequate nutrition and lots of love.
  • Siberian: these animals are considered to be very affectionate, self-assured, sociable, loyal and protective of his owners.
  • American curl: with a sweet expression on its face, this cat is intelligent, snooping and playful with a stable character.
  • British short hair: this cat is very popular between the followers due to its simple nature, its intelligence and because its maintenance and cleaning are not complicated.
  • Ocicat: although this cat projects a wild look it is good tempered and very friendly cat people.

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