Outside cat house

I live in a rural area and so you tend to see a lot more pets roaming free than you ever would in the big city. Down the road from where I live is a store that sells just about everything from knives to yarn to stationary material. Well they have this incredible “tom” cat that lives there at the store. This red-orange and tawny cat is the most affectionate and trusting feline I have ever seen. He lives in an outside cat house but I rarely ever see him inside his house. He prefers to sit either at the door of the store or on one of the counters and let the customers pet him.


I have never seen him show much fear although sudden noises always cause him to become more alert. He is a good size and though not in the least overweight, obviously eats well. The first time I ever entered that store my daughter, who is a confirmed cat addict, went up to him as he was sitting on one of the counters and began petting him. Well that big charmer propped its front legs on my daughter Andrea’s shoulders so that she could pet him better. I was instantly won over by his generous and good natured behavior. I have had a number of cats and found many to be somewhat standoffish towards kids (probably due to bad experiences) at best but not this guy. Since then whenever we pass the store both my daughter and I have to stop and spend some time petting and enjoying the company of that beautiful feline. In his case I believe that his outside cathouse does him good as it gives him access to what he likes and that is attention.

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