Dog Abscess & Canine Abscess

Canine Dog abscess is a symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue. It is due to a bacterial infection or presence of an irritating agent in the tissues, chemical or mechanic. “Acute abscess” evolves very fast with the formation of a little head which pops very soon, or else, re-absorbs and disappears. Around the area of the abscess it is hot, and the dog might feel some temperature and pain. Once the pus has disappeared, so does the pain, and the tissues recuperate their elasticity. To accelerate the evacuation of pus, you can apply fomentations (application of warm wet coverings to a part of the body to relieve pain and inflammation) or, place in a cup of milk hot breadcrumb, form a cataplasm and apply on the absence. This must be done only if the abscess is not particularly big or injured or pressing against a part of the organism, which will require the immediate observation of a vet.

If the animal has fever or presents difficulties in his vital functions (swallowing, breeding, nervous system, etc.), it might be due to the area where the internal abscess can evacuate into an internal cavity, like the pleura, peritonitis, larynx, alveolar, etc.. which could lead to a septicemia (septic infection). All suspicious cases should be taken to a professional.

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