Why do dogs bark. Dog Barking and its meaning. The meaning of dog barks

  • Continuous and fast barking, at a medium pitch: Alert. Problems. Some is entering our territory.
  • Continuous and slow barking, at a low pitch: The intruder or danger is close. Prepared to defend itself.
  • Fast barking with pauses every 3 or 4: Warning of a problem approaching. Asking you to investigate.
  • Long and drawn-out barks at a high pitch, with pauses between each one: I’m alone and need company.
  • One or two short high pitched barks: The most normal greeting.
  • One bark normal pitch: Curious, alert.
  • Short back in a high pitch: Shows surprise. If it’s repeated twice it means “Look at this!” If it’s longer then it calling. Many dogs use this when they want to go out.
  • Brief bark, at medium pitch: Happiness.
  • Faltering bark at medium pitch: Asking to play.
  • Howl or short bark at a high pitch: “Ouch!” Response to sudden pain.
  • Repeated howls and regular intervals: Suffering from extreme pain or something that scares them.
  • High pitch or urgent barks that sound desperate, without apparent reason: It is a way some dogs use to let out steam.

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