Dog and Anal Gland Problem -Dog Anus Swollen Licking Anus Sack

If you notice your puppy or adult dog is dragging his behind on the ground and that his anus area has a bad odor and swollen, it can be an indicator of an infection of the anal glands. Check to see if the anus of the puppy is swollen and sticking outwards. This will cause the puppy dog to be licking its anus.Dog’s anal glands are two small sacks that bracket from the anus. If you notice the puppy or dog drags or continually licks this area it could also mean they are full. This problem is usually resolved through emptying out the anal glands by expressing them. You can do this yourself by covering the affected area with a tissue and pressing your finger on the puppy’s anal glands with an upward movement. A lumpy liquid should come out. If this were not to work and the puppy is still in pain, you will have to take him to the veterinarian who will as a last procedure surgically empty them out. This is not a dangerous procedure but it is uncomfortable for the dog.

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