Indoor Dog and Puppy Exercise

dogs that exercises, the biggest trail they leave in their life during their development phase, is their natural disposals inherited aptitudes. From there on all games in the garden are educational ones. We’ve kept that in mind in our training and exercise programs for puppies. Sensorial games: To accumulate sensations is as important for the puppy as to eat food daily. With sensorial games he looses his fear to different floors: asphalt, paving, plastic, elastic and crumbly floors.

Grids are taboo because their fine work is incrusted painfully into the dog’s paws. It’s recommendable to play the first games (the water mustn’t pass the dogs paws).

Important: Never throw the dog into the pool! (Not even in swimming exercise).

Other games that should be recognized:
It’s normal for any dog to get scared the first time he finds himself in front of a colorful balloon. But the dog loses his fright as soon as the balloon pops and ends up being <balloon-pop> brave. Many canine schools include their training and games with big balloons in their program of basic training for a family dog (since 8 months old). This way the dog looses his shyness there is a similar effect with the contact with a tinplate (tied with a rope to the fence of the garden), a tunnel made with a blanket and passing through a curtain made of plastic strips or aluminum paper.

Come and Bring Games: To answer to a call and bring the objects from the garden are based on exercises done in the house, just that now its more difficult for them (the game field is bigger for them, the structure of the floor varies, and there are smells and noises that distract their attention). Keep the dog tied to a long rope for a couple of minutes and let him walk around in the fresh air. Give the command <come!> (followed by the dogs name) at the same that your pulling at the leash. If the dog obeys you, it’s very important to accentuate the positiveness that comes from the obedience: give him his favorite toy and let him play for a while. The permission of playing is so tempting that soon the leash will be unnecessary. Never say <come!> to the dog to reprimand him, or else he will associate returning with reprimand. Use the toy to play the game of recollecting objects: grab the dog (tied to a leash) by the neck. Throw an object a couple of meters away, give the command <fetch!> at the same time your letting go of him but keep him under control with the leash. Give the command <come!> when he grabbed the toy, offer him another, and take the one he has when you give the command <let go!>.

If trying this with a puppy it will work better if you’re squatting: the dog will think that you are farther away because you look smaller, and he will hurry on is return.

Note: for hunting dogs you use fake and imitation prey.

Hiding Object Games: The garden offers new and fascinating possibilities to play hide and seek objects (including tracking). Careful with hiding objects under the ground cause the dogs will go digging at them: he will consider that a permanent permission to excavate when ever he wants. Outdoor Games for Everyone

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