Dog Begging at Meals – Dog on Sofa

Puppy Dogs Beg at meal time: Do not allow your puppy dog to be begging at the dinner table or during any meals. You can allow your puppy to sit next to the family while you are eating but never feed him food from the table. If you have a “beggar” who does not stop insisting, tell him “No, no, no”, and then calm him down by petting him. If the puppy or dog were to continue begging for food, you will then have to take him out of the place everyone is eating in; obviously the puppy or dog will not enjoy this since he wants to be near his owner. While you are taking the puppy out of the room, don’t look let yourself becomes softened by looking into his sad gloomy eyes. If you let yourself fall, you will always have problems during meal times.

Keep Dog OFF sofa

Some people don’t mind their dogs laying on their couches or sofas whilethere are others who cannot handle it and must keep the dog off the sofa. If you are the type that does not want your dogs on your sofas all the time, the solution is to simply not let them. Usually when puppies invade the couches, it’s our own fault for allowing it in the first place. Did you take the puppy into your bed when he was little? Or sat with him on the couch while watching TV? We dog owners always melt when we see our little puppies struggle to get up on the couches and we feel forced to help him up. So now, who is to blame for the dog getting up on the couch, him or us? Don’t wait until your puppy has grown into a big dog to only then try to teach him to get off of the couches. If your dog has already acquired the habit you can help him to stop by saying “no, no, no” the minute he jumps on. At the same time gently grab ahold of his two from legs and very gently have him slide off of the bed or couch. Once the dog is on the floor, tell him “Sit, sit!” and then proceed to praise him for a job well done. Don’t give him a treat or candy though; the dog needs to learn to obey his owner out of love and respect.

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