Dog Behavior behavior Problem & Behaviours

Games and Behavioral Upheavals: To avoid dog behavior problems, the owner must be in charge of organizing the games with the puppy. The behavioral problems derive directly from an abnormal playful behavior.

Aggressiveness in dog: It does not show until the animal is an adult because the owner never considers that a puppy that bites is aggressive, but playful. There are different types of aggressive behaviors.

Dominance Dog Aggressiveness: A dog behavior problem of hierarchy arises between the dogs, or between the dog and the owner. This develops as a threatening phase, biting and then back to normal. This is because the hierarchy notions have not been respected during the game.

Aggressiveness because of Irritation: The dog must occupy a space in the family, and in order to do this it will test each member of the family, especially during the time of playing. The dog must always be the one that stops. The relationships between the owner and the dog must not be ambiguous.

Deprivation Syndrome: The dog has to be under a great number of sound, visual and tactile stimuli which will be useful for it to be able to discover the outer world. The deprivations that we are talking about are the lack of stimuli during a very precise moment for the dog, from the third week until the third month. These deprivations have an enormous impact in the dog’s balance, which can fear a leaf that falls from a tree and develop a behavioral upheaval.

The Circumstances for Dog Behavior Problems: The contact between the man and the puppy is essential since the first few days. In some breeding places which dedicate to intensive breeding, the staff limits themselves to cleaning and the mother doesn’t always have the opportunity to take care of the group. Therefore socialization is impossible, and the puppies become scared or aggressive towards the unknown. Even when the breeding conditions are good, buying a dog which is five months or older can have a risk because the only thing that the puppy will know is the breeding place. Therefore many problems will arise if the puppy is taken to a new place where it everything is new to it and it is not familiar with anything. Orphan puppies which were raised with a baby bottle will have to be placed in contact with other dogs; if they don’t the puppies will never be able to recognize their own kind. They are puppies that communicate in very little occasions and look for isolation. The puppies that suffer great anxiety from the separation have lived in an environment where there has been barely any stimuli and contact. They will have difficulties in finding an adequate answer to each situation in their life, and their owners won’t know what to do. It is at the beginning of the 4 months where great anxiety problems arise: the puppy is anxious, inhibited and does not know hot to react. The relationship between the owner and the puppy becomes very difficult.

Problem Symptoms: The puppy destroys objects at home because it does not know how to react to the outer stimuli. If we place the puppy in a place that lacks stimuli, like in the field, then the symptoms can disappear. Another possibility is that the puppy hurts itself on purpose, for example licking itself until a wound is created, or biting its tail. In the worst situation of anxiety, the dog rejects any type of communication and is in a permanent self defense attitude. The animal doesn’t play, wag its tail, it doesn’t look for contact; it is also hard for him to eat and in many situations it waits until he is alone to eat. In this situation, any type of learning is difficult; this also creates problems with the owner attitude towards the dog’s lack of interest. The Separation Syndrome

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