Sun Stroke in Dog

Dogs have lots of energy and they will keep on playing until you stop them. But on hot days its euphoria can constitute a problem. Dogs don’t posses a very effective cooling system. Its only sudoriferous glands are in his paws. Though by panting the eliminate some of the heat, it’s not enough to keep them when they really need it. Any dog can suffer from a sun stroke. The ones that have more risks are adult dogs, hairy dogs, the ones that have overweight or those with short snout and muscular, when suffering a sun stroke they pant a lot and when you touch them they emit heat. Its lips stick to their gums and their internal ears redden. If he can’t bear to stand up, barely answers or not at all, or is comatose, act immediately. A sun stroke can damage internal organs and if you don’t treat it fast, it can be mortal. It’s an emergency for a veterinary to take care of. First you have to immediately its temperature. Keep on doing it whole taking him to the consult. Provide Him with Cold from The Inside: Dogs that suffer from a sun stroke are burning from the inside. Give him some ice cubes to lick. This will lower his body temperature and substitute the basic fluids. Even if its temperature goes down a few grades, the possibilities of recuperation will rise. Dogs that suffer from sun stroke sometimes faint suddenly. If he can’t lick some ice cubes, rub some alcohol on his paws. When the alcohol evaporates it will dissipate the body heat. Give Him a Soak: Fresh water is an effective way to reduce temperature quickly. Don’t use cold water. Your dog might suffer from convulsions. Its better to soak him with the hose or with jars of fresh water. If he is not to big you can bath him in the tub or in the sink. Keep On Refreshing Him: When going to the veterinary put some moisten towel around the head, neck, chest and abdomen. Keep the towels wet with a bottle of water and keep on giving them ice cubes to lick or putting alcohol on its paws. Open the car windows or light the air conditioner to keep the dog fresh to reduce his temperature while going to the consult.

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