Dog Constipation Home Remedy

Constipation is not the most touching a dog can have. But sometimes the owners will have to wait holding the leash while the animal tries to do its necessities. Luckily, dogs don’t usually suffer from costiveness. But all go through it at least once. It is not always easy to know f the dog suffers from costiveness.. In reality, dogs that make great efforts usually suffer from diarrhea. The only way to know is by getting near. If its diarrhea, you will know at sight, if its costiveness, you won’t see much. Dogs can get very upset and angry when suffering from costiveness. This is how you can help.

Give Him Pumpkin: food with high contains of fiber are ideal to stop with the costiveness. Because dietetic fibers dilate the feces, which permits a faster evacuation. Canned pumpkin is very rich in fibers and is recommended by veterinarians. It is also very much appreciated by dogs. Mix some with his meals until the problems solved.

Give him beans: Dry beans are very rich in fibers and very nourishing. Dogs like canned green beans that are also rich in fibers.

Grant Him a Fancy: Veterinarians usually advice you against giving your dogs the remainders of your food, due that it can soften its feces. But if your dog suffers from costiveness, this will make him more good than wrong. Give him green raw vegetables or boiled, but avoid lacteous products or other food rich in fats, due that it can give them diarrhea.

Mix Their food with Metamucil: Another advice is to mix some metamucil with his food. This product is elaborated with a natural laxative which is very effective. Give small dogs a spoon and a half and big dogs two spoons (small spoon). Avoid. Giving this medicine to dogs that have had colitis or other intestine diseases. They might cause him problems.

Keep With the Exercises: As any other muscle, the large intestine functions best with exercise. Walking your dog for 15 or 20 minutes will permit him to digest better.

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