Dog Sunburn Treatment

When the sun is high and strong, dogs need solar creams and a place under the shadow just as we do. An excess of sun exposition can cause burnings, skin damage on a long term or in extreme cases, skin cancer. Most of the dogs don’t usually suffer from sunburns lest he spends too much of his time outside of the house, but you have to be careful with light skin dogs. Having on the account that his fur coat protects the dog from the sun, those with long dense hair will be more protected than dogs with short hair. That is why the areas with little or no hair as in the belly. The tips of the ears and the snout, are the most affected with sunburns. To ease the itching of the burns and to prevent them, here is what you can do. Apply a Cold Compress: The heat of the burns can go through several layers of skin. To refresh them, moist a cloth or a towel with cold water and put it over the affected area for a few minutes or until it dries. Soak the cloth again and apply it to the same area. Repeat this operation several times. Give Him a Bath to Ease Him: The easiest way to ease the burns on the belly is to bathe the dog with cold water to reduce the heat. If you add to the water some colloidal oat flour. You will ease the itching and irritation so the dog won’t scratch so much on the injured areas. Some dogs will get in the water without any doubt, but some will not. When he does get in, let him relax for a few minutes. Don’t apply any shampoo, due that the skin would get dry and get irritated even more. If this doesn’t solve the problem, repeat this baths adding oat flour, several times a day. Another option is to soak him once a day until the dead skin disappears.

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