Samoyed Dog Breed Information

The “plush bear”, white and comes from the North. The Samoyed dog has very keen abilities.
Height, weight: from 46 to 56 cm high; weighs from 22 30 kg.
Fur, color: long, loose, with thick under hair; excellent protection against the weather inclemency’s. Pure white, white with light-brown, cream color, with somewhat silver on the tips of its hair.

Appropriate for: families and people to take care of.samoyean Dog Breed Information
Not Appropriate for: people that don’t like dogs with a lot of hair, and that are not willing to treat it.

As a member of the family: beautiful and affectionate with the family.

Breed’s character: happy and cheerful, they accept all kind of work and play. Its happiness and pleasantness for life is evident and is a typical characteristic of this breed. Because of their lack of instinct in their veins, the tribes in the Central North of Siberia, would train them to care for their reindeer and used them to pull their sleds.

Common sicknesses: skin and eye diseases, kidney problems.

Life expectancy: up to 14 years.

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