Rough Collie Dog Breed Information

The Rough Collie is a beautiful Scottish sheep dog and has long hair.

Height, weight: up to 61 cm and 30 kg. long body with a sunken chest.

Fur, color: long, very dense and hard; short and dese on the short-haired collie. Yellowish white, tricolor (black with brownish-red spots) and a remarkable blue.
Appropriate for: lovers of beauty who have the time to be dedicated to the care of it’s hair.

Not Appropriate for: people who look for a dog like lassie.rough collie Dog Breed Information

As a member of the family: always want to be with it’s family. Demands attention. Excellent dog for children. An attentive guard and shows it with it’s barking. Looses hair and therefore gets the house dirty.

Breed’s character: distanced. Untrusting with strangers. Learns well and is calm. Psychologically sensible. Also in the collie family are the Short-haired Collie, Bearded Collie, border collie and sheltie.

Common sicknesses: ocular anomalies and visual disorders. “Collie-nose”, nasal eczema of non pigmented noses by the sun.

Life expectancy: up to 15 years.

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