Raw Dog Food Recipe

Where people got the idea into their heads of feeding their dog raw dog food recipes such as meat, as they would eat it in the wild, is something that can actually kill a dog because of the diseases it can bring about. It is even important to be careful in how you handle uncooked ingredients. All ingredients should be washed adequately with soap and hot water and especially so in the case of meat, chicken or any other meat. If you ever come across a raw dog food recipe that has raw fish do not by any means feed it to your dog, as it can bring about a vitamin B deficiency which then leads to a loss of appetite, seizures and has even caused death in some occasions. A raw dog food recipe with raw eggs in it can contain salmonella, and have an enzyme called avidin, which reduces absorption of biotin. It can bring about skin, hair and coat problems to a dog. Unfortunately raw dog food recipes can that contains raw meat in them increases a dogs chances of getting parasites and bacteria. This is a definite don’t.

Not to fret though, there are certain vegetables that can be used in raw dog food recipes and can be given to a dog raw such as carrots, which some dogs absolutely love and which are good for their teeth and gums. However there are other vegetables that a dog will enjoy more cooked such as broccoli and green beans since they will be easier to digest this way.

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