Puppy Dog Nutrition & Puppy Teeth

Trouble with a puppy’s tooth can be caused by his nutrition. There are some complications that can arise when feeding a puppy home made foods such as gaining weight and it’s important to check the puppy every so often to ensure he is at his correct weight. The best way to check the puppy’s weight is by feeling his sides; if you can feel his ribs too much, the puppy is underweight, if you can’t feel his ribs at all, the puppy is too fat. And never give your puppy very cold water or artificial drinks. Never feed your puppy leftovers, especially in the summer seasons. Many people do not realize thatfeeding their dogsor puppy’s leftovers can really cause problems. Another thing you want to avoid is feeding a puppy sweets, such as chocolate (which can be very harmful), candy, cookies, etc. Weight problems can lead to a lot of difficulties such as obesity, respiratory difficulty, cardio pulmonary congestion, and certain auricular lesions. It’s very important to keep a well-rounded balance when it comes to a puppy’s food in order to contribute to the puppy’s well being and growth.

Puppy Tooth

A puppy losing teeth? When a puppy is first born it does not have any teeth. As its first teeth start coming in they start biting at their mother’s nipples, and this is when they are ready to get weaned. The growth of a puppy’s temporary teeth (baby teeth) starts at around four weeks of age. The baby teeth do not have roots. The incisive teeth grow at four weeks of age, the incisive extreme teeth grow at the fifth to sixth week of age, their canine teeth grow in between the third and fifth week of age, and their molars start to show up in between the fifth and sixth week of age. Their real adult teeth come in starting from the third or fourth month. The incisive teeth come in at the third to fifth month, the incisive extreme teeth come in at the fifth month, the canine teeth come in between the fifth and sixth month, the premolars between the third, fourth, fifth and sixth month, etc.

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