Pomeranian Dog Breed Information

Better known as the “Lulu”. The Pomeranian is the smallest of the European Spitz Family.

Height, weight: maximum height is 22 cm. It weigh, rounds off to 2 kg and a little more in females.

Fur, color: very long, rigid and bushy, even longer in the neck and tail area. Orange, black, gray, white or brown.pomerean Dog Breed Information

As a member of the family: sensitive and devoted to it owner. It doesn’t like the changes in the atmosphere, and much less the changes in the family. Reserved and evasive with strangers. It’s necessary to come it every now and then. It barks a lot, with a high-pitched tone.
Breed’s character: cheerful, lively and affectionate. Very intelligent and fast in learning, for it’s keen memory.

Common sicknesses: in some cases, conjunctivitis.

Lie expectancy: up to 14 years.

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