Pekingese Puppy Pekingese Dog Breed & Race Information

You likely seen a Pekingese Dog before with an odd, inelegant shape, short legs and with two limbs shorter than the others, plump body, massive head and grumpy looks. According to the widow empress T’Zu His, the shape of the legs was curved, so this dog wouldn’t be able to run away from the imperial palace. This dog is an antique. In china, there are vestiges of its existence in 4000-year-old sculptures. It was worshipped by Chineseemperors, and secluded inside the palace, which kept his breed pure, and at the same time endangered it, because in 1860, during the invention of the Forbidden City, numerous Pekingese were sacrificed to stop them from falling in sacrilegious hands. Only five dogs were discovered alive and taken to England. These and other dogs that were exported normally are the origin of the Pekingese. It is thought that this dog is the last reduced version of the Tibet woolly dog.

Character of the Pekingese Puppy: This is an indoor dog, it doesn’t require a lot of exercise, and is not for racing, because of his biotype. Pekingese are usually trusty, charming and faithful to their owners. They are brave and daring, usually standing up to larger dogs. They have an excellent hearing sense and are good wardens, not very persuasive, though.

Characteristics of the Pekingese Dog

  • Size: 15-25 cm
  • Weight: 2-6 kg
  • Color: Every variety of colors: Red, black, black and tan, sable, sand, white and bicolor (usually with black mask). The tip of the ears has to be black.
  • Hair: Long, straight and rough.

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