Shih Tzu Dog Breed Information

Elegant, cultivated and distinguished, the Shih Tzu is Ambassador of the East and the bearer of the imperial legends.

Height, weight: maximum height is 26,7 cm. Weighs between 4,5 to 7,3 kg.

Fur, color: long and silky, never curly. The hair on its head should be cut or tied up, to facilitate the vision and avoid eye problems. It can be bicolor or tricolor, and can be any color; breeders notice and admire when it has white hair, in a shape of a flame, on its face or tail.
Appropriate for: families or people who are willing to fix their sofas, and who will comb it frequently.Shih Tzu Dog

Not Appropriate for: owners that love sports , not very meticulous or not willing to dedicate some of their time to comb and bathe it.

As a member of the family: suitable for all ages. Is a good companion, and does not require much time outside.

Breed’s character: very pleasant and ductile. Easy to train, and without a doubt, one the most agreeable and loving dogs. Its appearance is arrogant and elegant. Is sociable, jovial and fun.

Common sicknesses: has respiratory problems. It requires attention and care of the eyes and skin.

Life expectancy: up to 14 years or more.

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