Remote Controlled Dog Trainer

Practice makes perfect, and Multivet has the tools required to help you educate your dog. As studying is required to succeed in an exam, so will practice insure the success of your dog’s training. No one else can do it for you, because in the end, you are the one living with the dog, and you must have control. However, when specific problems have to be tackled and dealt with, you will have to rally the assistance of a professional behavior specialist, either an ethologist or veterinarian specialized in animal behavior.remote trainer

Across the centuries, man has raised dogs to perform useful tasks. Canine genetics, combined with the environment, contribute to shaping the dog’s character. Each dog possesses his own personality. To train a dog properly, it is important to know personality. To train a dog properly, it is important to know his strong and weak points. In order to live in peace with man, dogs need rules which are cut-and-dried, coupled with a tight complicity. When a dog knows and understands what is expected of him, he will develop a sense of confidence and security.

Today’s dog has more trouble adapting trouble adapting to our hectic lifestyle. As a result, some dogs develop education or behavior problems.

This guide is an efficient way to get closer tour canine companion and to show him how he must behave in a “human pack”.

Technical Notes: You are now the owner of a spray commander® device designed for you dog´s education. The objective of this manual is to inform you on the best way to use the device. It is essential to consult this manual to familiarize yourself with the various advantages at you disposal to ensure an efficient, painless education.

Contents of the spray commander® Kit

  • The spray commander device
  • The remote control
  • An adjustable collar
  • An aerosol refill
  • Two 6V alkaline batteries
  • An instruction manual
  • A training video
  • A carrying case

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