Practical Guide to Canine Behavior

Knowing and understanding what dog breed to select and what behavior to expect is a pre-adoption investigation all future dog owners should do. This would surely reduce the number of dogs that are mistreated and abandoned every year.

How to select a dog: Before taking the decision whether to buy or adopt a dog as a pet by an individual or a family group with the acceptance of all its members, the first of a long list of doubts pops up in reference to the acquisition, in first term and its behavior afterwards.
The most frequently asked first question: Which is the best dog breed?

The answer is simple: there doesn’t exist a breed better than another. The ideal breed for a young person that lives alone and that doesn’t have much time to be with his dog will possibly be different than that from an old retired couple that can be permanently in contact with the dog. In the same way, and equally important as other factors that will be detailed further on, the availability of the lodging space is a determining issue at the time of establishing what type of breed will be the most adequate for the chosen breed. At first, the advisable thing to do is to select a group of breeds that can be able to get along with each other. This means they will have to adapt themselves to the general profile of conduct (the physical aspect is a secondary factor) to the preferences, the style of life and personal requirements of the future masters.

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