Choosing a Male or Female Dog

Consult with your dog’s probable future veterinary to help you out choose the right breed of dog. Once the most adequate breed is selected another question arouses: Male or female? At the time of choosing any of the available options you must have in mind that there are determining conducts that can be present in a male dog, and never in the female or vice-versa. These differences of conducts are denominated dimorphic behavior patterns, and it is related to gender behaviors.

Even if there aren’t great physical differences between exemplars, in the matter of gender, there is. That is in relation to conducts. These differences are in many occasions, conclusive at the time of choosing an animal or determining which gender to buy.

The male dog may show an evasive conduct before the presence of a female dog in heat walking nearby. In the same way, we will frequently see males with more aggressive conducts for domination or territoriality causes before another animal of its same gender than a female.

Females don’t usually show the same conducts as males do, but they can manifest others that because of its particularities, may make his future owners reject its selection (inherent conducts previous to the heat stage, as urinating in any place, psychological pregnancy, etc.) Although, most of the times, females are more sociable, receptive, affective and even better guards than males.

Independently from the gender of the animal that you choose, to live in a house or to live in a house with a garden, and not mattering how extent this could be, you will have the obligation to have time availability to take the dog for a walk. This, as a way of socializing adequately, so that the dog can establish some contact with all that has until now been separated from him like other people, dogs, and situations which it wouldn’t be able to encounter being locked up in the house.

In synthesis, it is recommended to choose the adequate breed first, depending on the tastes and ways of life of their future owners; the availability of time for daily attention, grades of authority from all the members of the family, vital space for the dog to enjoy, etc. Subsequently, you will have to choose from one gender or the other depending on whether you want to emphasize or hold back determined characteristics.

Once you’ve chosen the breed and gender of your future companion, the next step to follow will be to choose the best exemplar from the litter. It will have to have all the characteristics you are looking for in the dog you want., being for a companion, watchdog or any other specific task.

Aside from the indications that the breeder can offer you, we can guide ourselves by the results obtained by the different tests of conduct applied to each puppy, from which the one called “Campbell Test” outstands for its simplicity and effectiveness

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