Why Cats Bring Home Dead Animals: Bird, Rat or Mouse

Why do cats bring home dead animals? Believe it or not, when a cat hunts down a bird or a mouse in the garden or on the street, sometimes it brings it home for its owner as a gift! Cats normally learn how to catch small animals when they are young, and they can be quite agile hunters if they are allowed to do so. If your cat brings home it’s victim, it is trying to show you that it considers you part of its family. This is a gesture of friendship and it is sharing the food it hunted with you. Obviously to those who receive this loving gesture, it may seem as something disgusting, but you should not show anger toward the cat, since all it is trying to do is give a gift to you.

What to do when your cat brings home a dead bird, rat or mouse: On certain occasions, cats will bring home an animal that is still alive. It’s not abnormal for a cat to bring a live mouse into the house, throw it on the kitchen floor and then proceed to chase the poor little thing. Your reaction to this of course will probably be to freak, but your cat will continue. Therefore, the best thing to do is set up a mouse trap to catch the mouse in. If you are an animal lover (mice included), there are special mouse traps that are like a maze which mice cannot get out of alone. Once you have caught the mouse, let it out on the street.

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