Over Weight Dog Weight Chart

The dog is not a cat. Feeding your dog in the same way that you feed your cat is not the right thing to do, this is due to the fact that dog’s require a specific nutrition. In our society, obesity is the most common nutritional illness and it is generated by the lack of a healthy nutrition. Use a Dog Weight Chart to control feeding

How do we calculate the dog’s ideal weight? When can we tell if an animal is obese? In order to answer this question we have to know that the dog’s energetic necessities depend on several factors. In order to make an exact calculation we have to have the stage of life where the dog is, the amount of activity, state of health and the size of the dog.The standards of each breed determine the weight of both males and females of that specific breed. In order to weight the dog, the owner must weight himself first, then carry the dog and weigh himself with the dog. The difference will indicate the dog’s weight. Obesity responds to too much energy that is saved in the body as fat. We consider obesity if the dog’s weight is 10% higher than its ideal weight. Obesity is considered an illness because it originates diverse illnesses and also decreases the duration of the animal’s life.

Origins and Factors that Conditions Dog Obesity
How does obesity originate? The puppy is not born obese; some puppies are just stronger than others. Obesity is easy to define: the dog consumes more energy than it uses. Being overweight is not only because the dog eats more than it burns. It is a real illness caused by a modification in the animal’s metabolism. There are a series of factors that cause this and might seem superfluous. For example, two animals eat more when they are together than when they are alone. In that case, we will have to separate the dogs of the same family to feed them. Another example is the owner’s bad customs, when the dog finishes the food, the owner refills the plate. The dog food made nowadays is better for the dog’s nutritional needs and at the same time it has better flavor. This forces the owner to respect the instructions of use. We also have to keep in mind the treats that the dog receives during the day. A healthy dog is not the kind that eats all it’s fed and eats a lot.

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