Basic Dog Training Commands & Dog Orders

Using the “Natural Method” try and take advantage of the actions the dog already does. Every time the dog does the action, say the order and praise.

Heel! (Fuss!): The objective of this Dog Training is for the dog to walk without going far and pulling the leash. To do this, you need to hold the leash in one hand, if the dog is on your right, hold the leash with your left hand. The start point will always be hoe. This way the dog will learn how to behave just as he sets one foot outside the house. Before walking, say the order Heel! Firmly. Start walking and let the leash loose, trying to keep the dog close. When it starts wondering off, pull the leash and repeat the order. Never say the order and pull at the same time. If the dog starts making progress, praise it excitedly. Repeat the order every time you change direction.

Sit! (Sitz!): After getting results with Heel! You may start with Sit! It is important to point out a relation between these two orders, so this way the dog will sit right next to you. This is a good way to keep the dog under control and avoid accidents, for every time we have to wait, in the street for example, the dog will sit down. The Dog Training is very simple: As soon as you stop walking, stretch the leash upwards, tightly. This way, the dog will raise its head, loose balance, and end up sitting. If it doesn’t do this, then push the lower back a bittowards the ground. When the dog sits, loose the leash a bit and wait for a few seconds. If the dog dos not move, the exercise is done. Praise your fiend. If it moves, repeat. You can repeat several times, but try not to tire it. From this moment, it is important to practice both of the orders together.

Down! (Platz!): Once the dog knows how to follow the last two Dog Training Commands, you can continue with this one. Start with the orders the dog already knows. After you tell him to sit, push his shoulders downwards a bit and say Down! For this you need to put the leash under your foot, so it pulls the dog’s collar down little by little. When the dog notices the pressure, it will lie down. Don’t forget to say the order before you start doing this. If your dog lies down, praise it excitedly, and if it doesn’t, then repeat, if the dog becomes aggressive, then say No! And that should be enough. Every time you go out with your dog, practice these orders and don’t forget to praise.

Come! (Komm!): This order is the most important of all, for it establishes freedom limits for the dog. For training a dog for this order you need to be in an isolated place that is familiar to the dog. Before starting, fix a 6-10 mt long rope to the dog’s collar, so it can move freely. After a while, start walking away from it. When you reach a prudent distance (8 mt) say Come! Do not shout the order. If it does come, praise it, this is not common though. If it doesn’t, pull the rope slightly to call its attention, NEVER drag them down to you, the dog has to do it itself. As freedom tends to be much more alluring than the authority of the owner, as simple as it is, this exercise usually takes time. Don’t use his order to end the game or to go home, as the dog will probably relate it to losing its freedom. Don’t let the dog absolutely free if you’re not sure about his response to this order.

Once the dog has learnt the basic orders, you can tech him the following:

  • Stop
  • Play dead
  • Roll
  • Retrieve/fetch
  • Bark
  • Show the teeth
  • Search

This order is very useful when you want the dog to wait for you in different situations.
It is tough with the natural method, and then adding distractions, for example ordering the dog to come and then when he’s running to you telling him to Stop! If the dog ignores the second order, we must back in the position he was when we gave it to him.
This order is not really necessary if your friend is loyal and very obedient.

This order is redundant; it is the same as saying Down! Or Stop! and makes the dog think the other two are supposed to last shorter.

Play dead
Before introducing this Dog Training Command, the dog must have the concept of Down! When the dog is down, roll it so its legs upwards. Then praise it and let it play a little. Repeat the exercise constantly and give it a treat once in a while, you know those are always welcome. In a while, the dog will do it by itself. If you say the order while making a gesture, then eventually the order will not be necessary.

Once the dog knows how to fake dead, you have to take one front and back paws, and make it roll over, saying roll! . After a while, your pet will roll by itself.

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