Basset Hound Dog Breed Information

The Basset Hound is considerably large but quite short in stature, its paws are strong and sturdy and the look in its eyes are a sad and lost one. It is naturally very stubborn.

Height, weight: from 33 to 38 cm high; weighs up to 28 kg. Strong and muscular.
Fur, color: straight, short and thick hair.
Tricolor hair: white, black and red or white, black and lemon-color; two-color: black and red.

Appropriate for: strong people, with patience and a basset houndstubborn will.
Not Appropriate for: fanatics of the basics; one way of doing things, the physically weak or elderly people, fanatics of cleanliness and obedience.

As a member of the family: peaceable. It’s not a guardian dog. Self-assured and daring.

Breed’s character: physically stable. Robust and lazy. Kind. Lives well with other dogs. Originally was a hunting dog that hunts in packs. It is the best tracker, even in the hardest terrain. Very constant, surprisingly fast.

Common sicknesses: in some cases inherited kidney stones, in males. tendency toward false pregnancies with abundant milk production. In males, hyper sexuality. Open eyelids.
Life expectancy: up to 12 years.

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