How to build a dog kennel

A company that sells dog kennels was offering a free course to anyone that bought their kennels on how to build a dog kennel.

Never having put a dog kennel together and not being much of a handyperson myself I thought it would be a good idea to take the course before I attempted to put together the dog kennel I had bought from them.
The instructions that came along with the kennel seemed easy enough but I have had bad

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experiences in the past with trying to put things together while following instruction manuals and so decided to take the course on how to build a dog kennel.

I think that the most important thing that we learnt was about the placement of the dog kennel. It is best if the dog kennel is placed on cement and not directly on the grass because if the kennel is not place on cement then the dog will quickly destroy the grass and you will end up with a muddy mess. Of course cement is not the only type of surface that can be used and if you don’t have any available one fairly easy and cheap alternative is to put wood chips on the ground under the dog kennel.

Another thing that we learnt about placement was that if the dog kennel is not on a flat surface then it is possible that part of the kennel will be off of the ground and if the space between the ground and the kennel chain link fence is too great then the dog can just climb under and get out.
It is also important that the dog kennel be placed in a way so that your dog not overly exposed to either the sun, wind or rain because while you can buy weather guard covers for the kennels it is still best to give your dog as much protection from the elements as possible.

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