How to Train Your Dog to Come – “Come Puppy!”

Puppy “Come”: One thing all puppy dogs should learn is to come when his owner calls immediately, responding to his name by the command of “Come” or a whistle. Here is How to Train Your Dog to Come without to much difficulty. Your puppy dog should already be used to the sound of his name, so now it is time he learns to respond immediately when hearing it. Start out by placing a long two or three meter leash on the puppy and face him, then command him to “Come”; right at the same time give one pull on the leash making the puppy to come to you. Once the puppy is in front of you, make him “Sit” and praise him effusively. Repeat this training practice several times by switching from calling him by his name and then whistling so that he gets used to responding immediately. To make sure the puppy dog has gotten the idea, place a thin rope (or something similar) of about ten meters long on the puppy and allow him to run off freely, without letting him see that you are holding onto the rope or leash, you can make it less obvious by placing the leash flat on the ground so he does not notice. When the puppy gets distracted with something, command him to “Come” or whistle. If the puppy does not respond to your call, pull at the leash once, but make sure to not drag him; pull and then let the leash loose simultaneously. After a few days and several tries, you will have the satisfaction of having an obedient puppy. Make sure to not make the training sessions too long since the puppy will get bored.

Puppy “Up”: Start this practice by walking your puppy on the leash and a little while after you have been walking, stop. Order the puppy to “Sit”. While the puppy is in the sit position, command him to get “Up, Up” by pulling the leash forward and upward so that he stands up. Keep the dog in the “Up” position and praise and congratulate him by saying “Good boy, Up, Up, Good boy” etc. You can pet him at the same time too. If the dog does not respond this way, while at the same time you order him to get “Up”, use the leash to pull once upwards and use your foot to apply a slight amount of pressure on the puppy’s back foot, with out hurting him though, until you are able to get him to stand. Continue practicing until he responds to your command alone.

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