How to Become a Professional Dog Trainer Advanced Dog Training

Advanced Professional Dog Training: This section has been created to help both dog training instructors and dog owners that dream to learn how to Become a Professional Dog Trainer. The object of these training exercises is not to teach your dog “Sit” “Stay” “Come” or any other of the basic obedience commands. We are taking it for granted that your dog already has these basics down pat. Instead our intention is to provide instructors and trainers with new and challenging exercises to help keep training fun and motivating for the humans and canines involved in the training programs. We have created these training exercises for individuals as well as groups. These exercises can be used to prepare teams for competitions although they have not been created for that sole purpose nor are theydesigned with all of the specific requirements of any particular competition. More or less all of the exercises found on this site are appropriate for any healthy dog regardless of breed or size.However it must be noted that you should always consult with your dog’s veterinarian before starting it on a rigorous training program. When working with groups of dog/trainer “teams” it is important for the course instructor to keep the group advancing at the same pace. That means if the exercises are too difficult for the group overall the result will be failure and the teams will become discouraged and disinterested. It is therefore important for the instructor to keep all of the activities both “doable” and stimulating. Another important point is that if the dogs being trained do not feel comfortable and relaxed they will not learn. In the same way it is important that the dogs do not feel threatened, in any way, either by strange noises, other dogs or humans. The exercises contained in this site are not being presented in a graded manner. The level of difficulty or the skill of the dog must be taken into account by the reader and the training program devised with this in mind

How to Become a Professional Dog TrainerAdvanced Dog TrainingDog RacesUglyAdvice to dog instructorsDog “red light, green light” gameBasic “Down” exercisesStimulating dog games with fishing rodPracticing “Down” together with “Stay”Stopping a dog cold + catching the “prey”Practicing “Down” with distractionsDog adventure walksPracticing “Down” in a circleTraining dogs for walks out in the countrysidePracticing “Down” all at onceTraining dogs for walks in changing terrainDog Chance encountersPractice meetings with dogs in the woodsPracticing meeting with a greetingPractice walking dog on narrow forest pathPractice meeting with your dog using “Down”Sample dog adventure Part: 1Meeting with dog on the streetSample dog adventure Part: 2Dog trainers dry run practicePracticing with the dog for the big cityDog trainers practicing “domino pieces”Practice with the dog getting out of a carExercises to sharpen dog’s attention spanPracticing with a dog in the cityDog trainer “Heel” trainingPractice “Stay” with dog in the work place”Heel” with dog walking in a figure eightSample dog adventure walkWalking at “Heel” while close to other dogsSample dog adventure walk”Heel” and “Sit” with dog at a specific locationDog “Fetch” practicePractice walking a dog while changing paceDog “Fetch” practice in a small alleyExercises with the dog leashDog “Fetch” practice and “Stay”Dog formation using BandolierDog “Fetch” practice in the waterWarm up practice for the dog formation: alleyDog practice finding different objectsDog exercises with “Come”Visiting the veterinarianPracticing “Come” with dog from out of sightDogs and SubwaysPracticing “Come” with dog in a crowdCombined dog practicesPracticing “Come” with a dog around foodDog training with simple flash cardsUp dog’s concentration with challengesDog joker gamePractice walking dog in a narrow walkwayPractice with dog free style exercisesDog play in rubber hoops, tires & inner tubesDog exercises involving “Stay”Walking a dog on a wooden garden fencePractice “Stay” while dog trainer out of sightWalking a dog over an inclined ladderPractice “Stop” dog on a higher surfaceDog obedience gamesPractice “Stop” with dogs in a lineDog relay racesAction Dog ExercisesPlaying “duck, duck, goose” with your dogPractice a difficult search for the dog’s masterPractice with dogs standing in lineAdvanced Dog Training Site Map

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