Dog Food Nutrition -How to Feed Your Dog

It is a mystery how and when man tamed the dog and had to worry about dog nutrition and how to feed a dog for the first time. Whenever it was, man has learned over the years how to feed dogs efficiently. In fact a very old painting of an old cavern shows a creature similar to a dog in a hunting scene. Even if that is true, it does not show that dogs were for hunting. The past does show that man has eaten dog meat in periods of starvation. During the ancient period, life was short and cruel. Dogs had to look for their food on theirown just to provide enough supplies to continued their existence and their reproduction. The survivals were those that found all natural selections that best adapted to their environment and help them survived and were able to reproduce. Even under the extreme conditions during those times dogs varied in shape and ability of adapting to the different means. Their continued existence was their main concern, although not always but sometimes live enough to reach an adult age. This was the difference and critical time between the modern dogs and their ancestors. Most of the dogs nowadays in the Western countries are for companionship.

How to feed your dog

Dog diet basics Dogs daily diet
Dog water intake Meat for dogs
Dog protein Prepared dog food
Dog minerals Vegetable for dogs
Dog vitamins Dog food supplements
Fibrous portion of the diet Cakes and flours for dogs
Feeding an adult dog Flours, granules expanded flours for dogs
Small breeds dog food Corgi, Basset Hound Dairy products for dogs and puppies
Medium breeds dog food Spaniel & Bull Terrier Canned dog food
Large breeds dog food Boxer, Harriers & Setters Semi moisture dog food
How to feed a reproductive dog Refrigerated and frozen dog food
Dog nutrition while gestating Dehydrated dog food
Bitch nutrition while nursing Dog food diet tips
Dog weaning tips Dog dietary régimes
Puppy dog food Dog meal time
Orphan puppies Raw or cooked dog food
Dog weaning Dry or moist dog food
When weaning a puppy Dog Appetite
Successful dog breeding Incorrect feeding of your dog
Dairy needs for mature puppies Dog food myths
Special dog diets Dog poisoning
Diet for obese dogs Dog renal illnesses
Diet for a dog with diarrhea Canine congestive heart failure
Pancreatic inadequacy in dogs Convalescent dog or subject to stress
Canine diabetes mellitus  

Even though there is a small portion of dogs been kept absolutely for work, The dog’s presence brings a knot of fondness to their owners; therefore the owner’s do their best to keep them in good health and provide with lots of activities most of their time. Working dogs usually interrupted their activities because of their work, while some dogs stay until their advanced age for affection. A medium size dog lives about twelve years minimum and only during the last two years their way of living changes immensely. Living behind possible illnesses and accidents, how can we maintain a healthy life and prolong a successful life?The most important factors to take in consideration are genetic structure, hygiene, veterinary treatment, shelter, and do exercises. In addition, it is essential for a dog’s life to have a right feeding during his life. A dog receives food every day and if accumulates the wrong nutrition during ten years, he can become an overweight, arthritic, miserable dog. The proper food cannot promise a healthy life although will increase the chance of achieving it. However, we still recommend looking for specialist to provide you with advice and treatment incase is necessary.

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